Solihull Civic Honours Awards

When the ReCOM team saw the Solihull Civic Honours Awards were looking for “unsung hero” nominees we knew exactly who was deserving of such an honour…our Chair, Carol Wood! Much plotting and scheming ensued to gather the thoughts of our staff and volunteers, past and present, to put together the nomination without Carol finding out!

Carol is the epitome of an unsung hero having dedicated over 15 years at the helm of ReCOM. It is Carol’s drive and strong community spirit that has allowed our charity to grow and benefit thousands of Solihull residents. What many people don’t realise is that Carol has done this selflessly; as Chair of the charity she works on an entirely voluntary basis. This year, Carol has decided it’s time to hand over the reins of ReCOM to a new Chair and we could not think of a more fitting recognition of her hard work and dedication than a Solihull Civic Honours Award.

We were so pleased that, much to Carol’s surprise, she was awarded with the highest accolade at the Award ceremony this October, The Mayor’s Award! ReCOM would certainly not be the respected, small but mighty charity it is today without Carol and we are so thankful that she has been honoured in this way.

Congratulations, Carol!