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Access IT

This is a FREE service for residents in the Chelmsley Wood area who want to get on-line to save themselves time and money, find work, complete application forms or just want to enhance their IT skills. 

We can help with:                                                                                                                                                              Tramadol Online

  • using email
  • Universal Credit applications & other on-line forms
  • using a spread sheet to manage a budget
  • reducing fuel bills
  • comparing prices
  • creating documents (eg a CV)
  • internet searches (eg for jobs or housing options)
  • being safe on-line

……………..and more !

The service is based at Citizens Advice on Bosworth Drive, and also at Chelmsley Wood Library.  We are providing one-to-one support in bookable one hour sessions. To find out more or make an appointment call 0121 663 0335 or email:

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