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Employed for Success in Solihull

ReCOM is providing an opportunity for people to improve their IT skills to help bring them closer to employment.

We offer a FREE service at three libraries across Solihull offering one-to-one sessions and short courses.Tramadol Online

We can help with:

  • using email
  • putting together a CV and letter
  • registering on job sites and uploading a CV
  • completing on-line job applications and forms
  • general IT skills for the workplace
  • Universal Credit and Universal Jobmatch accounts

This is available at Chelmsley Wood, The Core and Shirley Libraries.

To book a place or find out more call 0121 663 0335 or email Buy Generic Tramadol Online.

Ordering Tramadol Online Uk









Cheapest Tramadol Uk

Online Tramadol Cod







Employed for Success is supported by the European Social Fund and will help Solihull residents

to find Education, Employment and Training


Permanent link to this article: http://recom.org.uk/training-opportunities/it-training-for-employment/employed-for-success-solihull/