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A Volunteer’s story

Volunteers have lots of different reasons for volunteering with ReCOM.

Here is Derek’s story:Tramadol Online

Derek had a long career with the Royal Bank of Scotland and after taking early retirement found he had spare time on his hands. After consideration Derek decided to donate his time to a worthwhile cause and contacted ReCOM.

Derek was aware that being online and IT literate had its benefits from assisting customers in the bank and realised that there are people in the local community that really needed these skills to help them in the future.

Since starting with ReCOM in February 2017 Derek has provided support on a variety of projects:

  • Save Time and Money where local residents are assisted to get online, access discounts and use comparison websites.
  • Access IT for Job Seekers that is tailored around searching and applying for employment opportunities.
  • Tablet classes that provide customers with tuition on how to use their own devices.

What Derek has to say:

“ReCOM is a very well run and organised small charity. I have enjoyed the opportunities given to work on the various projects. It has been great to meet and interact with new colleagues and clients. Moreover, it is so satisfying to see our customers gain confidence and additional skills.

Volunteering with ReCOM has meant I can utilise my spare time and has enabled me to contribute my time and share my knowledge to the benefits of others.”




Permanent link to this article: http://recom.org.uk/success-stories/volunteers/