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A Volunteer’s story

Volunteers have lots of different reasons for volunteering with ReCOM.

Here is Garry’s story:

Garry applied to become a volunteer with ReCOM three years ago due to a change in his circumstances; he’d noticed our Job Seekers Project in the local library and thought he could really relate to the customers on the project being in a similar position himself.

Garry had always worked in the IT industry but when he was made redundant he realised he faced a lot of the competition to get back into work. So he decided to do some re-training and started an accounting course to help him transfer skills to a new career. His course was part-time which enabled him to offer time to ReCOM.

Since then Garry has become a valuable member of our Job Seeker’s support team at Chelmsley Wood Library providing many of our customers with support and encouragement to fulfil their goals. He helps with CV’s, set up of Universal Job Match accounts and provides practical guidance on how to job search successfully on-line. Garry is able to build good relationships with customers and has many regulars.

Earlier this year, Garry got a call from an agency recruiting Engineering Tutors to work with Apprentices and is now working part time at Nuneaton College. Despite this, he remains committed to ReCOM and plans to continue assisting us once a week.

What Garry has to say about his time with ReCOM

“I have enjoyed the experience. I like assisting others and helping them to get to where they want to be. I really feel I can relate to our customers. It’s been good getting to know the other volunteers and being part of the team. ”

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