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A Volunteer’s story

Volunteers have lots of different reasons for volunteering with ReCOM.

Here is Beverley’s story:

“The reason that I wanted to volunteer was because I wanted to give back some of the help that I had been given and also to keep learning new things and meeting people.

I feel that volunteering for ReCOM is rewarding and hopefully helping others.  The support and help that is given to the volunteers is very good. I also find the staff at ReCOM very approachable.”

Beverley initially came to ReCOM in 2014 as a learner as she was really keen to get to know how to use her computer. She completed a beginners Silver Surfers course and then decided that she wanted to continue with her learning so the following term she joined the Improvers class. This gave Beverley the motivation to learn more and she continued to build her skills and confidence.  When ReCOM started offering Tablet classes Beverley signed up as she was really keen to keep up with the changes in technology and use her new iPAD.

After participating in all these ReCOM activities one of our tutors encouraged her to think about becoming a volunteer on the courses as he had noticed her potential. Beverley decided to give it a go and put in her application.

In September 2015 she became an official buddy supporting customers in a Silver Surfers group. Since then she has gone onto other ReCOM projects including working with Anawim and buddying at Tablet classes. Due to her enthusiasm to learn about other projects Beverley has experience of all that we do. She is really flexible and is always willing to step in at a moment’s notice. Beverley has now invested all her IT knowledge back into ReCOM and is really enjoying her voluntary role!

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