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A Job Seeker’s Story

ReCOM is helping hundreds of people each year build their skills and confidence to look for work on-line.

Here is Yvonne’s story.

After 16 years in the same job Yvonne was made redundant in September 2016. Devastated by her redundancy and daunted by the task of applying for employment she shared her concerns with the Job Centre who promoted ReCOM’s services at Chelmsley Wood Library.  As Yvonne had never had to use a computer for her job or used one out of interest, she was left very frightened at the prospect of applying for jobs online.

Yvonne first met with ReCOM in October when she was re-assured that we would support her every step of the way. Since then she has had regular one to one support and has now has

  • An electronic CV and covering letter.
  • A new email account and awareness on how to use it.
  • Uploaded her CV onto various job search websites.
  • A Universal Job Match account.
  • Support with general IT skills to improve her employability.

Yvonne’s daughter has also encouraged her to practice and has given her a laptop. Yvonne says that she is improving but is still not fully confident when job searching on her own.

Yvonne has also attended an IT course with ReCOM to enhance her general IT skills in a group setting.

This is what Yvonne has to say :

This has been really useful to me –  anyone who is lacking IT skills should take part. I found the job seeking quite overwhelming but when I started with ReCOM the worry was taken away. I also have an interview tomorrow for a Customer Service Assistant so I am really pleased.”

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