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A Job Seeker’s Story

ReCOM is helping hundreds of people each year build their skills and confidence to look for work on-line.

Here is Kerstie’s story.


Kerstie had been working as a Healthcare Advisor for eight years but decided that the hours and the workload were no longer something she wished to commit too. Initially, feeling quite anxious about what other jobs she could do, she decided to get advice from the local Job Centre who recommended that Kerstie book in with ReCOM to get assistance with her general IT skills. Tramadol Online

Kerstie attended her first appointment with ReCOM in April and focused on updating her CV. After discussing her current situation with the Tutor, John, it became apparent that Kerstie had many transferable skills but needed to enhance her general IT skills. In particular she needed to focus on learning Word and Excel.

Since starting her training with ReCOM Kerstie has

  • Written her CV and covering letter.
  • Uploaded her details onto various job search websites.
  • Set up her Universal Job Match account.
  • Improved her software knowledge in Word and Excel.

After 11 sessions with ReCOM Kerstie was really confident with her progress and applied for a position as a Medical Receptionist; having experience of healthcare and improved IT skills she felt she was the right person for the job. Kerstie was offered the part time position at a GP’s Surgery in Olton to start in June.  Since starting her new job she has been offered extra hours work and the opportunity to do an NVQ sponsored by her employer.

This is what Kerstie had to say about the help she has received from ReCOM

“This is a really good service and having one to one assistance has been really beneficial. The Tutors and volunteers have been great.”

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