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To mark Volunteer Week this year ReCOM helped to organise an event for the Mayor of Solihull to say thank you to volunteers who make a difference to the lives of people in the borough. Here are Simon, Steve, Wendy, Barrie, Mo with Ashlee and the Mayor! Everyone had a great time so thanks also to Ashlee and other volunteer co-coordinators for making it happen.

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Volunteer Week 2016
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ReCOM are running a 6-week tablet course on Tuesdays at Chelmsley Wood Library and Wednesdays at Shirley Library.  No matter what type of tablet you have, we can show you how to use it confidently.



We are now taking names for courses commencing in January 2017 Give Jayne a call on 0121 663 0335 if you’re interested in attending.

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By Tramadol Online


We are now taking names for the next Silver Surfer Beginners and Improvers courses starting in the New Year, January 2017 in Shirley and Chelmsley Wood.

These courses are perfectly suited to either complete beginners who want to start learning how to use a computer without previous experience or knowledge or competent learners who want to develop and improve their computer skills beyond beginners.

For more information, email : or call Jayne on 0121 663 0335

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Buying Tramadol In The Uk

We now have  Lenovo laptops which are nice and whizzy, thanks to Aggregate Industries latest donation. We have 14″ laptops with 4GB and a minimum of 160HDD, built in DVD drive and WiFI Connection for £130.00.  We also have a smaller version with 12″ screen  without the built in DVD drive; these nice compact and adaptable laptops would ideally suit young people and these are priced at £110.00

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Online Tramadol

We are now taking names for the next Silver Surfer Beginners and Improvers courses starting in January and April 2016 in Shirley and Chelmsley Wood.

These courses are perfectly suited to either complete beginners who want to start learning how to use a computer without previous experience or knowledge or competent learners who want to develop and improve their computer skills beyond beginners.

For more information, email : or call Jayne on 0121 663 0335

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