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Oct 03

Selly Oak Neighbourhood Network Scheme – An exciting new collaboration!

We’re pleased to announce that ReCOM has received funding support from the Selly Oak Neighbourhood Network Scheme!

Tramadol Purchase Online Uk (NNS) have recently been introduced to Birmingham. Their aim is to support older people connect to individuals, groups, organisations, activities, services and places in their neighbourhoods.

In Selly Oak, the NNS knows that digital inclusion is a priority for their communities with many older people feeling daunted and unable to access the benefits of the online world; from social interactions to saving money, and from managing finances to maintaining hobbies. Our Buy Generic Tramadol Uk service aims to bridge this gap for those who have difficulty leaving the home helping to improve their digital skills; increasing independence and decreasing isolation.

To deliver this service to its full potential, we’re on the look out for volunteers who are local to the Selly Oak Neighbourhood Network Scheme area and can give up to 2 hours of time a week to support an older person learn basic IT and online skills. Could this be you?

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Aug 27

New venues – Autumn Tablet Classes starting soon !

Need help using your Tablet? Why not join us in either Castle Bromwich or Olton Library for the next Tablet courses starting in September. Classes are small and informal.

Places are available at both venues. Call Jayne or Claire on 0121 663 0335 for more information.

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May 07

Summer Tablet Classes starting soon!

Need help using your Tablet? Why not join us in either Balsall Common or Shirley Library for the next Tablet course starting in May and June. Classes are small and informal.

Places are available at both venues. Call Jayne or Claire on 0121 663 0335 for more information.

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Feb 04

We are looking for a new Chairperson

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Jan 23

Opportunities for Sessional IT Tutors

Buy Generic Tramadol Online

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Nov 12

Volunteering Opportunities!

Volunteering is a fantastic way of making a real contribution to our local community and to people’s lives.

Last month Jeremy Shaw celebrated his 5 year anniversary with ReCOM.

Ordering Tramadol Online Uk

Jeremy volunteers on our IT@Home project helping people who are housebound get online and is really appreciated by all his clients!

Could you help someone learn how to send emails or Skype their family in other parts of the country? Could you help someone apply for a job on-line? One hour/week could make a huge difference to them.

To find our more about volunteering at ReCOM look on our Cheapest Tramadol Uk      



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Oct 10

Fantastic new job opportunity!

Online Tramadol Cod

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Aug 22

New service providing help to get on-line in Knowle, Shirley & Solihull.

Order Tramadol Overnight Uk



We have a new service for people wanting to get to grips with their pc, laptop or tablet computer at Knowle, Shirley and The Core libraries in Solihull.

These are one-to-one lessons offered as a six lesson course over six weeks. The courses are available throughout the year and cost £42.


If you are interested and want to know more just call the office on 0121 663 0335.

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Aug 07

New initiative to support job seekers in Solihull

Employed for Success is a new partnership of local organisations working together to support residents who are unemployed.

Practical support is available to help with

  • putting together a great CV
  • searching for jobs
  • welfare benefits & money advice
  • interview techniques
  • IT skills to help you find work

ReCOM is proud to be part of this initiative which is led by Solihull Council.

Can You Get Tramadol Online Legally



To find out more about what’s on offer call ReCOM on  0121 663 0335

or the Employment & Skills team at Solihull Council on 0121 704 8076.


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Mar 09

Do you need help with Universal Credit?

Our Save Time and Money Project running in Chelmsley Wood can now offer assistance with Universal Credit Applications.

This includes initial applications, setting up email addresses and general support with your Universal Credit Account.

Call 0121 663 0335  to make an appointment.

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