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Applying for a PC or Laptop


Online Tramadol CodTo cover the costs incurred in refurbishing donated computer equipment we charge £110 for a PC with a dual core processor with a windows operating system and a 3 month non-accidental back to base warranty including parts and labour. All the systems we supply are fully checked for electrical safety. The basic cost excludes delivery; orders of up to 3 systems can be delivered for £15 per system. ReCOM aims to provide refurbished desktop computers with a minimum specification of

Pentium Dual Core processor or equivalent (with a minimum of 4GB RAM)

  • 17″ Flat Screen Monitor, keyboard & mouse
  •  Windows 10 operating system
  • Microsoft Office 2010

PCs with a higher specification equipment are also available – please look at the application form for more details.

We now have a good supply of  laptops and prices start at £110 for a 12″ model with 4GB of RAM – please look at the application form for more details.

To acquire computer equipment please complete an application form, and send it back to ReCOM. We will let you know within 1 week if your application has been accepted and the potential timescales for receiving the requested equipment. Payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer. If you have any questions about how ReCOM can help you please email us at Order Tramadol Overnight Uk Thank you.

Tramadol Legal To Order Online, Tramadol 100Mg Online Overnight

There are separate application forms for charities and groups or for individuals. You can download the application form, save the file, print it off, complete and send to ReCOM at: 348A Gospel Lane, Olton, Solihull, B27 7AJ. This can be downloaded in either Microsoft Word or PDF Adobe Acrobat.

Individuals Charities and Voluntary Groups
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