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Category Archive: ReCOM News

General news items from ReCOM

Mar 02

New project – funding received from Comic Relief!

Thanks to Comic Relief and Heart of England Community Foundation, ReCOM is launching a new project this Spring based at the Citizens Advice centre in Chelmsley Wood.   Called ‘Access IT – Save Time & Money’, its aim is to improve basic IT skills to help local residents: gain economic benefits from being online (e.g. cheaper fuel, …

Tramadol Online

Permanent link to this article: http://recom.org.uk/2017/03/new-project-funding-received-comic-relief/

Mar 01

Become a Trustee for a great local charity!

We are looking for an additional Trustee who is enthusiastic about what ReCOM does and would like to give their time and expertise to help us set our strategies, monitor our performance and ensure our charity continues to thrive. If you have experience you’d like to put to good use, please email info@recom.org.uk for more information. Alternatively …

Buy Generic Tramadol Online

Permanent link to this article: http://recom.org.uk/2017/03/become-trustee-great-local-charity/

Dec 22

Happy Christmas to everyone from Santa and his helper!

Permanent link to this article: http://recom.org.uk/2016/12/happy-christmas-to-everyone-from-santa-and-his-helper/

Dec 21

Merry Christmas!

Great to see everyone at the Volunteer Lunch yesterday!!  

Permanent link to this article: http://recom.org.uk/2016/12/merry-christmas-2/

Dec 21

Happy Christmas from Jaguar Land Rover!

ReCOM has been one of the lucky organisations to benefit  from Jaguar Land Rover’s initiative to support 18 local charities over the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Their generous donation is being put towards our Volunteer Christmas Lunch. Big THANK YOU to everyone at JLR and especially to Adrian Whitehead who came to present the …

Order Tramadol Overnight Uk

Permanent link to this article: http://recom.org.uk/2016/12/happy-christmas-from-jaguar-land-rover/

Nov 09

Volunteer Lunch

It was great to see everyone who came to the office for lunch. Especially Geoff Lates who has been volunteering with ReCOM for 5 years – thank you Geoff!    

Permanent link to this article: http://recom.org.uk/2016/11/volunteer-lunch/

Sep 27

Great publicity for ReCOM!

Want to know more about how ReCOM helps people who are unemployed improve their IT skills and find work – here is some great publicity from the Libraries Task Force. And if you know anyone in Solihull who needs this sort of help. Call us on 0121 663 0335.

Permanent link to this article: http://recom.org.uk/2016/09/great-publicity-for-recom/

Jun 22

Volunteers get a Thank You from the Mayor

To mark Volunteer Week this year ReCOM helped to organise an event for the Mayor of Solihull to say thank you to volunteers who make a difference to the lives of people in the borough. Here are Simon, Steve, Wendy, Barrie, Mo with Ashlee and the Mayor! Everyone had a great time so thanks also …

Order Tramadol Fedex Overnight

Permanent link to this article: http://recom.org.uk/2016/06/volunteers-get-thank-mayor/

May 26

Use your Tablet with confidence!

ReCOM are running a 6-week tablet course on Tuesdays at Chelmsley Wood Library and Wednesdays at Shirley Library.  No matter what type of tablet you have, we can show you how to use it confidently.     We are now taking names for courses commencing in January 2017 Give Jayne a call on 0121 663 0335 if you’re interested in attending.

Permanent link to this article: http://recom.org.uk/2016/05/computer-tablet-courses/

May 26

Silver Surfers Over 55’s Beginners and Improvers Courses

    We are now taking names for the next Silver Surfer Beginners and Improvers courses starting in the New Year, January 2017 in Shirley and Chelmsley Wood. These courses are perfectly suited to either complete beginners who want to start learning how to use a computer without previous experience or knowledge or competent learners who want to develop …

Online Tramadol Mastercard

Permanent link to this article: http://recom.org.uk/2016/05/silver-surfers-55s-beginners-improvers-courses/

Buy Cheapest Tramadol Online

Tramadol Online With Mastercard